Strawberry Roans at Seymour Park

//Strawberry Roans at Seymour Park

New members Joyce Ussher and Noel Baulch of ‘Seymour Park’ run 840 prime acres in Victoria’s western district – at Heywood, 27 kilometres North of Portland.

The property is highly developed and lies amongst the rolling green hills in an agricultural, pastoral and timber-cutting district. Noel and Joyce have managed the property to increase farm efficiency and productivity – by use of new technology, and understanding, building and managing healthy soil to provide nutritious and fertile pastures.

The cattle operation comprises mainly mixed age strawberry roans, which are own bred on the property. There are 200 breeders and most are Herefords joined to white shorthorn bulls exclusively provided by the Malton stud at Finley. This joining gives their cattle a lift with hybrid vigour and an increase in milk production. All heifers are mated to full blood Wagyu bulls for calving ease and so as to produce a much sought after product, the Shorthorn/Wagyu cross.

Noel and Joyce also run 30 pure bred shorthorn females which are joined to leading shorthorn bulls to produce 100% pure shorthorn progeny.

Recently their 10-month-old weaners topped the sale at Casterton averaging 441kg to a price of $1560.00.

Surplus Hereford/shorthorn cross heifers will be sold PTIC on Auction Plus in the Spring.

The Thousand Guineas program now provides an attractive opportunity for Noel and Joyce. It is their intention to breed more of the strawberry roans by running a red and roan shorthorn bull which will result in the ¾ shorthorn parentage required for the program.

Aside from the cattle, Joyce is passionate about her Australian White – a large white breed of Australian meat sheep which was developed for Australian conditions.

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