I would like to thank the Council of our Society for entrusting me with the Presidency for the next 12 months. With the assistance and support of my fellow councillors, I will be able to effectively promote and continue to develop our breed’s many attributes.  I believe that as members of a Society that has been in existence for very nearly 100 years we all need to take ownership of our future; I hope to provide some strong leadership through an enthused and motivated Council and member base.

We need to continue to grow our membership numbers. We must create good customer value by identifying strengths and opportunities within the breed so that we can stand on solid and stable ground for the foreseeable future.

We also need to remind ourselves of the quality characteristics the breed has, and has been renowned for. Our focus on market requirements must also be assisted by genetic improvement and the cost-effective production of our cattle.   This so that customers can buy with great confidence knowing their purchase will be what they are looking for.

Your Society has commenced, through JBS, value-added initiatives that are aimed at increasing the commercial strengths of our breed for beef producers – I refer of course to the Thousand Guineas program. There is much optimism about the Thousand Guineas product and the consensus is that the brand is growing in popularity and quality shorthorn derived cattle are very much in high demand, so much so that currently a premium is being paid over the Angus for feeder steers.

In closing I would like to refer to the sage advice of Abraham Lincoln “the best way to predict your future is to create it”.   Simple but very relevant.

With best wishes, and should you need to contact me my mobile is 0409 991 457 or at sfbeefsh@bigpond.com.