Beef Shorthorn Society Loans Historic Paintings

//Beef Shorthorn Society Loans Historic Paintings

The Society has recently concluded an important loan agreement with the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria.

The Society is the owner of six historic paintings of Beef Shorthorn cattle. Three of them were painted in 1875, oil on canvas, by the renowned artist Frederick Woodhouse. They respectively depict a bull and two cows . Two were painted, again oil on canvas, by Norman Dale in 1919. The sixth, watercolour depictions of five cattle, was painted by R. Grindell – (Refer Society Newsletter of June 2012).

Under the loan agreement, which is initially for a five year period, the Society will lend the paintings to the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. They are to be hung in a prominent position in the RASV’s administrative offices, which are located in the Melbourne Showgrounds precinct  The RASV will insure these valuable paintings during the period of the agreement.

This is good news for the Society and for the RASV. Our paintings are in safe hands; and, as Annette Shiell, representing RASV, said: ‘We are delighted to caretake and house your Society’s artworks. They will be well taken care of’.

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